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I respect honesty, and since I want to have a little self-respect I'll be honest. These guitar tabs are the easy parts to figure out. I just started this page a couple of days ago. I'll try to get some more complicated stuff up. Please submit corrections, new songs, comments, acknowledgement of visitors, anything, please! email

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Native Nod Apples in Stereo Monster X
Sovtek makes very good all-tube guitar amps, and sells them for very cheap. You should be able to find one used for $50 to $250, any of which is a great deal. They have 50 watt and 100 watt amps using 5881 tubes and 60 watt amps using EL34 tubes which can be heard on albums by You & I. The 60 watt amps follow the design of a Marshall Super Lead, except they are one channel, and sound very nice. Visit the Sovtek web page for more info.